CPDC & adMare Radiopharmaceutical Initiative (CARI)

What is CARI?

CARI is a collaboration between The Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC) and adMare BioInnovations (adMare)

The Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC)

adMare BioInnovations (adMare)

CARI is a collaboration between The Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC) and adMare BioInnovations (adMare) where we will bring respective resources together to advance an area of tremendous therapeutic and commercial potential in which Canada can gain considerable global competitive advantage: RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS. The objective of CARI is for CPDC and adMare to seek out and uncover radiopharmaceutical opportunities arising from academic discoveries and early enterprises, establish rigorous drug development programs around selected opportunities, and drive the generation of proof-of-principle and other data supportive of the commercialization of new radiopharmaceutical assets.

Program Offerings

Biologics Validation & Support

Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls

Radiochemistry Research Consultation

Regulatory Affairs

Business Development

Commercialization & IP Strategies


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CARI Blog Series

CARI Blog #1: Radiopharmaceuticals: a new class of drugs for cancer patients, and a new road for Canada to lead global life sciences

The role of radiopharmaceuticals in health care may still be quite a mystery for many Canadians, but this area has a tremendous therapeutic and commercial potential. The Centre for Probe Development Commercialization and adMare BioInnovations present you with a series of blogs about radiopharmaceuticals as part of CARI, a collaboration between the two organizations to advance this area in Canada. 

CARI Blog #2: Discover the Medical Isotope & Radiopharmaceutical Landscape in Canada

Did you know that Canada has been a global leader in the research, development and production of medical isotopes as well as radiopharmaceuticals for more than 60 years? Many people are unaware of Canadian role in this industry. However, several medical applications that are used widely today stemmed from Canadian nuclear isotope programs where much of the work has been focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

CARI Blog #3: CARI: Q&A session with our experts

Check out our new blog post in partnership with adMare BioInnovations about our Radiopharmaceutical Initiative (CARI). We have interviewed our experts Ghadeer Shubassi and Stuart Cain to share some of their thoughts about this project and its potential to fruition.