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At CPDC we are working with our partners to discover, develop and distribute the next generation of imaging agents and targeted radiotherapeutics for the detection and treatment of human diseases.

What Are Radiopharmaceuticals?

Radiopharmaceuticals are a special class of drugs. They’re sometimes called molecular imaging probes, contrast agents, tracers or radiotherapeutics.

Radiopharmaceuticals contain a radioactive isotope and they are used to both diagnose and treat disease.  Millions of patients receive radiopharmaceuticals annually for a wide variety of medical procedures ranging from the assessment of cardiac function to staging and treatment of cancer.

CARI Blog #3: CARI: Q&A session with our experts

Over the past few months, adMare BioInnovations and the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC) have shared with you information about the role and the potential of radiopharmaceuticals in healthcare and in the life sciences ecosystem in Canada. Now we want to share some further thoughts from our resident experts bringing this initiative and this potential to

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