CPDC offers a broad range of services in probe development and production that can help academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology businesses move their innovative probes from concept to commercialization or to create companion diagnostics for emerging therapeutics.

Our experienced teams provide expertise to support preclinical development of new probes, know-how in regulatory affairs, GMP manufacturing and quality assurance to achieve approval from Health Canada or US Food and Drug Administration for clinical trials and commercialization of innovative new products.


  • Novel probe development:
    • Custom synthesis of small molecules and peptides (precursors and reference standards)
    • Peptide synthesis
    • Scale-up synthesis
  • Radiolabeling capabilities:
    • PET and SPECT isotopes including 18F, 99mTc, 68Ga, 123/4I
    • Therapeutic isotopes, including 131I, 177Lu, 90Y
    • Other isotopes including 3H, 125I, 14C
    • Adaptation to automated synthesis units (Tracerlab FXFN, MX)
  • Separation and purification strategies
  • Development of platform labeling technologies including microfluidics
  • In vitro and in vivo evaluation of molecular targets
  • Probe validation with in vitro and in vivo models
  • Biodistribution
  • Small animal imaging: PET, SPECT and CT
  • Metabolism


Manufacturing and Quality
  • Process development and validation
  • Analytical and bioanalytical method development and validation
  • Quality control & quality assurance audits
  • Drug product formulation
  • Stability testing
  • cGMP production of PET imaging biomarkers
Regulatory Affairs
  • Drug development plans and regulatory strategies
  • Preparation and management of regulatory submissions
  • Regulatory liaison
  • Preparation of clinical trial documentation
  • Management of clinical trial research


  • Market research and analysis
  • Assisting with an intellectual property (IP) strategy and application process(es)
  • Negotiating licensing deals or the sale of IP
  • Business plan and market strategy development
  • Partnership development
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