R & D

An aging population and the growing needs of our health care system demand new probe technologies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease. To achieve these national goals, CPDC works closely with its academic, commercial and health care partners to advance the development and commercialization of the next generation of molecular imaging probes.

CPDC is committed to bringing new probe technology to Canadian health care institutions that can improve our ability to cost-effectively deliver personalized patient care. The Centre is achieving this either through its own development efforts, through partnerships and by leveraging its research, regulatory and production capabilities to bring internationally proven probe technologies to Canada. CPDC has already introduced several new probes to Ontario that are being used in clinical trials for drug development studies and patient care.

Although many groups in Canada are involved in some stage of probe research, many lack the resources— facilities, funding or expertise—to move their innovative probes down the development pipeline towards commercialization and clinical application. CPDC provides these resources and can help researchers in Canada commercialize their innovative probe technology.

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