Microbiological Testing

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CPDC Laboratories provides a broad range of cost-effective microbiological testing and cleanroom monitoring services for the radiopharmaceutical industry. Our dedicated, highly experienced experts provide exceptional support and personalized service to help you maintain your stringent standards for product quality and sterility within your GMP facility.

All testing is conducted in accordance with United States Pharmacopeia standards or, when requested, with European Pharmacopoeia. Our testing facility holds a Health Canada Drug Establishment License, is regularly inspected and is equipped with the latest instrumentation and analytical equipment. As a GMP-producer of sterile pharmaceuticals, CPDC and CPDC Laboratories applies the same high level of rigor and expertise when testing your samples, as we do for our own.
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CPDC Laboratories offers a broad range of testing services:
  • Identification of microorganisms: species identification
  • Identification of microorganisms: cell morphology and Gram stain analysis
  • Growth promotion of media (USP)
  • Sterility validation (USP)
  • Routine sterility testing (via direct transfer or membrane filtration, USP)
  • Bacterial endotoxin testing: validation testing (USP)
  • Bacterial endotoxin testing: routine testing (USP)
  • Total microbial counts (USP)
  • Bioburden analysis (USP)
  • Antimicrobial efficacy testing (USP)
  • Custom microscopic procedures
  • European Pharmacopoeia testing available upon request

CPDC Laboratories can also work closely with you to develop custom microbiologial procedures; to develop and conduct environmental monitoring programs; to develop facility cleaning plans and to interpret microbiological test results.

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