Investigator Sponsored Research Program (ISRP)

Linking Invention to Innovation: Moving Probes from the Lab to the Market

Access the latest molecular imaging probes to support clinical research programs or advance the development of molecular probes and drug candidates with the CPDC’s collaborative Investigator Sponsored Research Program (ISRP).

Through the ISRP, researchers can acquire in-kind support from CPDC. You can leverage CPDC’s world-class probe development and commercialization services to help translate your promising compounds into molecular imaging probes for clinical use.

CPDC services for your project can include:
  • Development of new labeling and analytical chemistry methods;
  • Biological testing;
  • Scale-up and validation of manufacturing processes;
  • Scale-up for cold synthesis or radiosynthesis
  • Synthesis of labeling precursors
  • Preparation of regulatory submissions;
  • Production of emerging PET probes;
  • Commercialization strategies.

The ISRP is open to researchers at not-for-profit/academic institutions internationally.

The advantages of partnering with CPDC:
  • Open opportunities to commercialize novel technology for global imaging markets;
  • Work with a highly experienced, versatile team that can manage a full range of services for your project including radiochemistry, biological validation, regulatory, production and commercialization;
  • Project R&D is conducted in state-of-the-art laboratories designed to handle large quantities of probes;
  • GMP facilities can efficiently produce approved and investigational imaging probes required for clinical research;
  • Fully trained production and quality control staff ensure production of sterile, high purity probes;
  • Regulatory affairs team is available to manage submissions at all stages of development;
  • Comprehensive project management practices that include objectives, deliverables, timelines and regular communication with the principal investigator.

All in-kind work for ISRP projects will be performed at CPDC labs, except where specialized equipment or services are required.

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