Glucovision® (FDG)

18F-Fludeoxyglucose Injection (18F-FDG)

Glucovision FDG Injection

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Glucovision® is one of the most widely distributed molecular imaging agents in Ontario. Used in combination with positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, Glucovision enables physicians to non-invasively detect and stage a broad range of diseases. PET imaging centres throughout the province trust CPDC for reliable, daily deliveries of Glucovision and other molecular imaging probes.

Manufactured to the Highest Standards

Glucovision is produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at CPDC’s cyclotron facility and nuclear pharmacy, which holds a drug establishment license from Health Canada.
The Centre’s advanced synthesis, analysis and manufacturing equipment combined with an automated production process ensure that Glucovision consistently meets stringent Health Canada standards for quality, purity and safety. CPDC is Ontario’s first manufacturer of molecular imaging probes to achieve full GMP compliance and certification from Health Canada as defined by new standards.

Direct Distribution Channels and Rapid Response

CPDC’s online product ordering portal offers convenience and accountability for all product orders and delivery through a direct distribution channel. Our GMP production facility provides the capacity and flexibility to quickly supply Glucovision for emergency, same-day product requests, helping to optimize scheduling and reducing delays for patients.

Comprehensive Quality Control and Quality Assurance Practices

Glucovision production is controlled through a rigorous quality system, which governs all aspects of manufacturing, testing, and sterility assurance. CPDC’s highly qualified quality assurance team is dedicated to ensuring that Glucovision is produced in full compliance with Health Canada GMP guidelines.

Dependable Supply

To ensure reliable, uninterrupted deliveries of Glucovision to Ontario PET centres, CPDC has obtained Health Canada approval to access back-up supplies of fluoride—a key ingredient for manufacturing FDG.

Centrally Located Manufacturing Centre

CPDC’s manufacturing and scientific facilities are strategically located in Hamilton, Ontario, within proximity to nearly every imaging centre in the province. This enables CPDC to quickly and easily respond to the demand for imaging probes and provide daily deliveries that help ensure patient imaging procedures occur as scheduled.

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