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Molecular Imaging Probes to Improve Health Care and Accelerate Drug Development.

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CPDC helps researchers at academic institutions and private companies move their innovative discoveries in molecular imaging probes from the lab to the clinic and into the global market. We provide a unique combination of expertise and infrastructure to identify and advance promising probe technologies and ensure commercialization of Canadian probe discoveries.

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What are Molecular Imaging Probes?

Molecular imaging probes enable physicians to non-invasively see the molecular processes that lead to disease. This rapidly advancing area of science and patient care is opening a new era of personalized medicine where physicians can use medical imaging to provide patients with earlier detection of disease, more accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment.

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CPDC: It begins with one

CPDC provides the resources and expertise to bring revolutionary advancements in probe technology to market. And like all revolutions, it begins with one – one innovative idea, one unwavering commitment, and one patient in need. Watch our video to learn how CPDC is impacting commercialization and health care in Canada.